DPR seals 22 filling stations for hoarding fuel in Maiduguri


By Abdulhamid Al-Gazali

Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has punished 22 fuel station in Borno, on Thursday, for hiking price of fuel above official pump price by staging an artificial scarcity of available fuel.

The DPR has consequently sealed 22 fuel stations found guilty of this deliberate attempt to create hardship for the masses.

For close to a month, there have been few fuel stations that sell the product as long queues take over the streets of the city.

As a consequence of this, fuel hawkers, popularly known as black marketers, sell a five-litre gallon of fuel at 2000 Naira and above.

Mr. Bala  Musa, the DPR acting Zonal Comptroller, told journalists in Maiduguri that the stations were sealed during an operation by the task force team of the agency between Febuary 1 and 8, adding that the situation was worsened by unfounded rumours.

 "Some of the filling stations supporting the "unfortunate artificial scarcity" in the town were sanctioned and temporarily banned  from operating.

"The sealed stations would have to pay a fine to the Federal Government account before we lift their ban. Their offences include overpricing, under-delivery and lack of adequate security apparatus in their filling stations," he said.

He further added over 30 fuel stations have abundant product even as at yesterday. "Petrol stations along Damboa Road and Maduganari by pass like NNPC Mega station , Umar Gamaye Tafament, BG Musa and KABS filling station all have the product.

"Also stations along  Gamboru road like BG Umar Imam, Umar Wade Wade and Ajus Umar filling stations were selling.

Others in Bama Road and Lagos Street like  AN Wadas and Fezzan NNPC Affiliated station are selling. Those on Floor Mills axis like Haladu Oil, Oil Link,L Sabsabuwa, A Bukariye, BA Malum, Modu Umar, etcetera also have the product and have been selling, he explained.

However, Mr Sunday Oghene, The Sales Representative of the Maiduguri NNPC Mega station said it had received over 290,000 liters of petrol in the last one week to meet local demands of the people.

Oghene said that the station was operative between 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on daily basis to meet demands of the motoring populace.

"The people should not panic, the NNPC mega station' as there is available fuel as well as constant supply of same to meet public demand.

"As you can see we have abundant product in stock, and another truck of 45 liters of PMS is on it way," he added..

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