How immigration officers almost swindled the acting comptroller general - Report



Immigration officers on Monday reportedly attempted to swindle Idris Isa, their comptroller general, who is appointed in September to act pending his confirmation.

Mr. Isa almost got bamboozled by his own men at the Lagos State Command of the Nigerian Immigration Service located in Ikoyi, when he visited the office disguised as an applicant for an international passport, PREMIUM TIMES reported exclusively.

The paper said the officers offered the acting CG various shady prices for the passport.

Umar said 'when I approached the officers, they offered me the menu without recognising me. They said 32 pages of the international passport for five years would cost me N45, 000 instead of N27,000. They said 64 pages for five year would cost me N55,000 instead of N37,000, and N95,000 for 64 pages for 10 years instead of N72,000.

'I was asked where I was from and I said Niger State. They also asked me if I had a letter of indigeneship and other documents and I said I didn’t have anyone. So they said they would collect N3,500 to provide all the documents for me,' the paper quoted him.

He said what he witnessed was a proof of the allegations going round about what applicants are subjected to when seeking to obtain a passport, stressing that it poses great danger to the country and thus the reason the system must be sanitized.

'So with what I have experienced firsthand today, it simply means that anybody can come in from anywhere and obtain our passport. This is unacceptable. So I can assure you that the Immigration Service under our watch will strengthen the issuance process and the integrity of the document,' Mr. Isa said.

As for the officers involved in the attempt, he said they are about three in number and will all be made to face the full weight of the law.

He said they will also be fully investigated to uncover other shoddy deals going on in the system and others who may be part of the syndicate.

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