Man says 11-yr girl he raped came into his room uninvited


BY YUNUSA BUNU, OCTOBER 14, 2021. 09:16 PM

A man who was accused of rape said his eleven-year victim visited his room amidst heavy rainfall.

'She came into my room while it was raining, I don't know what brought her,' Sulaiman Abdullahi, the man, who is 50, said.

Sulaiman, who lives by farming in Chibok, one of Borno's 27 local government, told YERWA EXPRESS NEWS that he is in fact married with six children, all of whom live in Maiduguri.

'I was brought here because I committed rape in one of the villages of Chibok,' Sulaiman admitted.

He is one of 76 suspects presented to the press by the Borno State Command of the Nigerian Police Force at its headquarters in Maiduguri.

They were apprehended for various crimes such as conspiracy, culpable homicide, armed robbery, kidnapping, rape, possession of dangerous weapons and forgery, among others. Nine other people were also apprehended for rape, along with Sulaiman.

Among them is Alhaji Inna, a 60-year-old Maiduguri man was suspected to have lured and forcefully raped Aisha, a 12-year-old girl who lived in his community.

However, some of them denied the accusation.

One is Mustapha Abubakar, a 21-year-old commercial tricycle rider who is accused of conspiring with his friend to rape his girlfriend.

Mustapha said he was the one who reported the case to human rights for the accusation levelled against him by the father of his girlfriend.

The human rights had conducted three separate test at different times to confirm the accusation but their results returned negative, he claimed.

'They informed the father but he refused to believe. He insisted we should be sent to the police and here we are,' Mustapha explained.

The state’s commissioner of police, CP Abdul Umar, presenting the suspects, also vowed to free Borno of all criminal activities to ensure peace and order.

'I assure the general public of operating a technology-based policing as well as my unrelenting efforts towards ensuring the protection of lives and properties, while maintaining law and order in the state.

'Therefore, all the activities of criminal merchants who are desperate to make living at the expense of the law abiding and hardworking people of the state will not be tolerated,' the CP said.

Editor's Note: The heading of this report was previously erroneously written as: Man says 11-yr girl he raped came into his rape uninvited.

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