Borno PDP state council holds inaugural meeting, moves to reconcile party members



Newly elected members of the Borno sttate executive council of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, have had their inaugural council meeting.

The members were elected and sworn last month, in Maiduguri, the state capital of Borno.

Ali Aliyu, the new secretary, said the member was basically for introduction and familiarization of the new executives of the party.

The meeting also resolved on instituting efforts to reconcile aggrieved members of the party and mend broken fences.

The party has faced several internal rifts over the last few years, causing among other things, its relatively poor performance in previous elections.

Mr. Aliyu, in an interview with YERWA EXPRESS NEWS, after the meeting, said the executives have resolved to set up a ‘high powered reconciliation committee’, who will be tasked with settling every dispute, misunderstanding and all grudges among party member.

He said this is in line with the party’s agenda to take everyone along, adding that the membership of the said committee will be derived from across the party and will be announced soon.

Adding further, Mr. Aliyu said the public should ignore what is said in the public, about the party having factions, noting that such is 'doesn't exist'.

He explained that what people describe as factions are mere internal affairs of a family and that the new council is already working on closing all the existing differences.

‘I think there are two things here, first there is no faction since the day we were elected, the former party chairman was contacted and he said there are no factions, but we later found out yesterday that he is going to court, which we cannot deny him, it is his legal right.

'But other members have categorically told us that all that matters is the unity and growth of the party, and whosoever that we reach out to, if he/she have the party at heart, I assure you, will join the moving train and work with us to take it to victory in 2023,’ the secretary said.

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