2023 Elections: Our mission is to return PDP to power – Group



The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Voice Worldwide on Wednesday said its mission is to make the party return to power in the 2023 general elections.

The group said this at its end-of-the-year party in Abuja. The Global Leader, PDP Voice Worldwide, Victor Lamai, said that it was time for Nigerians to brace up and make their dreams of having PDP back in power a reality.

According to Lamai, the party is working to ensure that PDP is well-positioned to grab power come 2023 and deliver the needed dividends of democracy entrenched in the party’s constitution as laid down by its founding fathers.

“Let me unequivocally enjoin us to brace up for the upcoming local government election at the Federal Capital Territory in ensuring we canvass and sensitise our people on the need to come out en-masse.

“This is for them to participate in the exercise as the outcome of this election will lay the foundation for our general performance in 2023.

“Our party is the leading and most viable opposition with wide networks, strategic advantages and other necessary wherewithal to wrestle power from the present ruling party and set our country on developmental tracks again.

“To help achieve this lofty dream is the essence of our gathering today to set the agenda for the group and our party at large,’’ he said.

Lamai said that the group believes so much in the party and resolved, as a support group, to ensure that the party wins in 2023.

He expressed the hope that the end-of-the-year party inspired ideas and discussions around the ways to make PDP voice worldwide a better organisation to claim back its rightful position in the polity of Nigeria via the PDP platform.

Mrs Nkolika Mkparu, Coordinator-General, United For Better Nigeria Initiative (UBNI), and a member the PDP Voice Worldwide, said that the group is mobilising women and working with youths, especially those in tertiary  institutions ahead of 2023.

“ The nation is in need of PDP, a great change, they are in need to bring PDP back to power to bring an effective change, PDP is the party that can bring the nation into a better level and the country is looking for PDP action.

“We are trying to make people understand that elections and votes matter, it is one man one vote, so it is important that everybody gets registered and not just register, utilise their voters’ card.

“They need to elect the person that they want to rule them because if we do not participate, then the wrong person wins but when we all get involved we will elect the right person to lead the country better.

“Nigeria is large, we have intellectuals in the country so we can elect the right people.’’

Mkparu encouraged Nigerians to end the politics of money and look for the people that would teach them how to fend for themselves rather than those that would give them money today and starve tomorrow.

Mr Ibrahim Sani, an elder statesman, PDP Voice Worldwide, said that PDP would come back in 2023 because Nigerians need a new template.

Sani said that PDP has gone through a circle and is therefore ready to transform the nation and take it to a higher level so that the labour of Nigeria’s heroes past would not be in vain.

He said the PDP would rebuild the economy and curb the present challenges facing the nation, adding that “PDP is at a vantage position to offer hope, new aspirations to Nigerians.’’

“The youths, men and women, the old, everybody should make sure they have their voters card that gives you the right to vote for your preferred PDP candidate across the different offices.

“So everybody should get their PCs so that on election day we will give other parties red card from the National Assembly to state houses of assembly to governors’ offices and to president’s office.

“We need a new beginning and PDP can give us that, Nigeria will move forward again and PDP will see to it.’’

Mr Saidu Bello, a Member of PDP Voice Worldwide, said that PDP would not have to mobilise Nigerians to vote for PDP because they have already made up their minds to vote PDP.

“The situation calls for all Nigerians to have their own PVCs  and vote for PDP and to work to defend their votes.’’ Bello said that all the nation needed was for the judiciary to be upright, do the needful to ensure that the rule of law is upheld.


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