Fintiri will have problems in Jimeta by Zayyad I. Muhammad



Nearly 90 % of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s roads projects are sited in JImeta-Yola being the state capital. Jimeta community also has the Secretary to the State Government- Bashir Ahmed, Commissioner of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs – Yayaji Mijinyawa and some board appointments- Governor Fintiri did well for Jimeta in that areas. However, Fintiri will have serious political problems with Jimeta people based on two issues- the first and the most prominent- the current attempt to balkanize Jimeta into three districts:

  1. JIMETA ( Limawa, Yelwa, Alkalawa, Gwadabawa, Rumde, Va’a Tita and Ajiya)

  2. NASARAWO ABBA ( Fombare Nasarawo, Doubeli, Luggere, Demsawo, Jambutu, Gi’erio, Jambutu Nyokore, Jambutu Gabere)

  3. KAREWA( Karewa, Bekaji, Malamre, Masakare, Nyibano, Boranji, 80 Unit, Bachure, Kofare, Damilo).

Secondly, the Fintiri’s government weak efforts in youth empowerment and development including the unending Shila boys menace- though, youth poor involvement in a government is a state-wide disaffection.

Jimeta People in Fintiri’s cabinet, especially his SSG should have informed the governor of the political problems associated with the creation of two additional districts, though the SSG doesn’t enjoy and robust and smooth relation with many of Jimeta's critical stakeholders despite being their son, he has to also show total loyalty to his boss. Generally in politics, incumbency and war-chest are important, but relationship is the key. To be fair to them, the Commissioner of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs – Yayaji Mijinyawa has a good relationship with the youths.

Despite the lack of payment of allowances for districts heads for nearly 9 months, many communities in Adamawa need new districts, they should be accorded so- this is the truth. So far, the attempt by the government to increase the districts in Adamawa state to 130 has also elicited more demands from 68 more communities requesting new districts, but in Jimeta there was no single request, the community was not consulted, and there is no need for it at all. The Jimeta community and its elders including critical stakeholders from all the political parties, the business community, clergy including many people serving in the Fintiri government see the attempt to create additional district as nothing but balkanization- to create confusion and division where there is none, bring unnecessary sentiment and detachment in a multi religious, tribal, cultural community that has been living in peace for than a century. Jimeta (Yola-North) LGA till today doesn’t have a defined administrative boundary- which the government is supposed to address not balkanized it.

Jimeta has the highest number of registered voters in Adamawa with over 250,000 voters and often their vote comes in a bloc and also among the determinants votes in Adamawa politics. Ignoring Jimeta’s view or wants and imposing what the people don’t want is political suicide – Fintiri will be a victim if he ignores what ought to be. I also pity Hon. Hamidu Sajo Lekki, the member representing Yola-North in the Adamawa House of Assembly, and Speaker Aminu Iya Abbas whose supporters are rooting for him for became the senator for Adamawa Central- if the House go-ahead to approve the uncalled for balkanization of jimeta; Jimeta has a unique way of utilizing its big vote during elections and they often speak with one voice.

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