Techniques on the education of the eyes by Amara Sessay



Most humans underestimate how finite our daily will power is. That's not to talk of the even more haunting reality that everyday hanks off an irretrievable part of our lives! Thus, the question: what's wisdom when it comes to time? Answer: watch what you watch!

The eyes are the scouts of the heart. If you didn't see that fine girl, you wouldn’t have been distracted, then tempted, then finally humiliated. If you didn't watch that one film, or musical videos, you might have completed your assignment, learnt a new skill and started a journey to "something huge." If it wasn't that meme that distracted you, you might have made you first dollar online by now.

But here is the thing: the workers have sweated and left. It's evening and your brain is still swinging in its jelly asleep.

I know that's wicked, but that's how far the thieves of time are ready to mess up with you. And it all begins with what you watch.

When you watch a WhatsApp status or a soccer match, it does not fade in the brain after 24 hours. Your action is a trade-off. You preferred it that moment to every other thing- no matter how lucrative or beneficial. And because you have placed a premium on it, it doesn't let you go. It stays, it disturbs, it grows, it craves and even demands for more. It's the birth of the dopamine addiction!

You can fight back, but you might need a dedicated troop and some tools. Start with telling the person that scolds you the most (and you know deep down it's for your own good.) Then form a pact with your watch tools. It's your phone, for some it's their wandering eyes on the streets, for some it's their TV. Whatever. Have a firm pact, if you want to see the required impact.

Finally, be honest to yourself- in words and in deed. The worst crimes against humanity happen when no one is looking. And usually such crimes are self-inflicted! So, start by not lying to yourself.


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