Gas coy renovates, inaugurates primary health care centre in Abuja



The Gas Aggregation Company Nigeria Limited (GACN) on Tuesday commissioned a renovated primary health centre at Damangaza community in Lokogoma, Abuja.

Speaking at the hand-over ceremony, Managing Director of GACN Lekan Ogunleye said the company was following the example of operating environment solidarity set by its shareholders, especially NNPC, by positively touching lives.

He added that the renovation also stemmed from the dedication of GACN staff members to promote public health.

According him, this unique corporate social responsibility initiative was financed through voluntary contributions by staff members, other volunteers and well-wishers.

“The twin motivation being to positively contribute to the immediate community while showcasing a corporate social responsibility model for other corporate organisations to follow,’’ Ogunleye said.

While appealing to the community to put the facility in judicious use, the MD urged corporate entities to adopt and renovate similar infrastructures consistent with GACN’s model.

“With a positive and proactive mindset almost anything is possible.

“We operate on a string shoe budget but, nonetheless, our colleagues demonstrated their ingenuity.

“We also reached out to some of our stakeholders and they contributed to achieving this.

“I plead with the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) and management of this primary health care centre to ensure the facility is maintained and used judiciously.

“We should go back to being our brothers keeper and support the Federal Government’s effort to create a balanced society with appropriate safety nets thereby catering for all,’’ he said.

The Etsu of Damangaza, James Budebo, commended GACN for the gesture, promised judicious use of the facility and assured that it would be secured.

On his part, the doctor in charge of the centre, Dr Adams Jacob, said “I never envisaged that this centre will be transformed to this amazing level.’’

He commended GACN and members of the community for their patience during the renovation.

“We will use it judiciously,’’ Jacob said.


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