COVID-19: Administered vaccines in Lagos hit over 2.3m doses



The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, says 2,304,770 doses of COVID-19 vaccines has been administered in Lagos as at Jan. 31.

Abayomi said this through his official Instagram handle @profakinabayomi while giving the state’s vaccination update.

According to him, 1,029,536 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine were administered as the first dose, while 588,120 of the vaccine were administered as the second dose.

Abayomi said that 391,521 Moderna vaccines were administered as the first dose, while 264,582 were administered for the second dose.

The commissioner added that 30,240 doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine had been given as the first dose, and 763 administered as the second dose.

On the booster dose, Abayomi said that 42,111 Pfizer and 506 doses of Moderna vaccine had been administered.

Abayomi noted that 3.55 per cent of the targeted population had received two doses of the vaccines.

The commissioner said that 13,811,880 doses of vaccines needed to be administered for the state to achieve the state’s immunity target. Earlier, Abayomi said that vaccines were safe and effective protection against COVID-19 infection, advising the public to get vaccinated.

Also, the World Health Organisation Africa Region said that vaccination remained the best defence against severe illness, death and overwhelmed health systems.

WHO, however, noted that African countries lagged behind the rest of the world, noting that only 11 per cent of Africans were fully vaccinated.

WHO also noted that it was disturbing that 85 per cent of Africans had not received a single dose of vaccine.

According to WHO, Africa has received more than 587 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines till date.

“If African countries are to reach the 70 per cent vaccine coverage target for their citizens by mid-year, they need to increase the pace of vaccine rollout six-fold,” it said.

WHO said it would collaborate with its partners to urgently ramp up support to countries to enable them overcome bottlenecks, improve coordination, and speed up vaccination efforts.


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