Fuel scarcity hits Katsina, price to hit N1, 000 per liter



Fuel scarcity has hit Katsina State, causing price hikes that is likely to reach N1000 per liter.

Residents say a liter now sells for over N700, an increase of over a quadruple of the original price.

Premium Times quoted a resident who put the price at over N750.

He said people resort to buying at the black market, which in Nigeria means those who sell petrol in jerry-cans on street-sides of highways.

The price went up from N400 a week ago to N750 today.

The cause was an alleged hoarding of the commodity by marketers and the petrol stations.

The people’s concern is that the price is only going up on hourly basis, without any sign of facing downward.

Roads have gone empty, as motorists are either on fuel queues or prefer to park their vehicles.

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