ISWAP ‘guns’ for propaganda attacks in Gomboru


BY YUNUSA BUNU, FEBRUARY 24, 2022 | 03:59 PM

Members of Islamic State of West African Province have launched an attack on Gamboru Town of Borno last Sunday, where they burnt parts of a community school.

The school is Gomboru Central Primary School, which they burnt after their stealing mission was foiled and repelled by troops of the Nigerian Army, along with members of the Civilian JTF and hunters.

According to sources, the terrorists sneaked into the town at about 11:53 pm last Sunday, crossing, by foot, the medieval trenches and fortification built between Gamboru and Fotokol.

Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum and other top functionaries of his government, were in the town for two days, five days before the attack, which, despite everything, was a mark that relative peace has returned to the town.

According to a security source in the commercial town, when the terrorists sneaked in, they moved towards the gate along Gomboru - Kala Balge Road to attack the security location.

'At 11:53 pm, we started hearing gunshots. They were exchanging fire with soldiers who are stationed at the entrance of the town,’ the source disclosed.

However, seeing that the terrorists had many fighters, the troops, reckoning with their number, retreated; as they waited for reinforcement from the military base in the town.

Our source said additional four gun trucks, full of the fighters, joined the fight midway, causing the troops to ‘tactically’ retreat.

'They entered the Gomboru Central Primary School, which is located close to the entrance and burnt parts of it,' the source explained.

Part of the school is being used by the Nigerian military as a temporary base, while school activities go on by the day.

The ploy is to distract the troops, while a different contingent of the fighters go into the town to loot.

'In the school, they burnt some classes. They also fired a mortar into the town, from the school, which led to the death of a small boy, with others sustaining injuries,' another source said.

While the soldiers withdrew to take position, re-enforcements came from the main military base, along with Civilian JTF and hunters.

After intensive gunfire exchange, they were chased out of the town before achieving their mission to loot.

'They ran away at about 3:00 am in the morning,' our source who was part of the operation confirmed.

How they got access

Gomboru is fortified, like most of the other resettled communities in the state, which makes it difficult for unauthorized entities to gain access.

Sources explained that the first set of the terrorists sneaked into the town by foot, crossing the trenches dug between Gomboru and Fotokol (in Cameroon) to prevent passage of vehicles.

Those among them who made their way into the town by foot, engaged troops in a gun fight at one of the main entrances.

The intent of this was to keep the troops busy and distracted, so their remaining fighters could join through the main road.

Our sources believe that, to prevent such trespass in the future, there is a need to install security lights and towers around the trenches, even though Gomboru is a big town.

The terrorists’ recent attacks in the local government, first in Wulgo and Gomboru within an interval of a week, go along with their usual modus operandi.

It was planned to coincide with the governor’s visit, even though he was not the target.

It was merely for propaganda, as that way, it will make it to the headlines.

The Sunday attack in Gomboru could be a failed attempt to steal the items distributed to the people by the governor, which has been typical of the terrorists.

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