Yobe govt excited over graduation of 90 nurses, midwives



Shehu Suleh College of Nursing and Midwives is being celebrated for setting new record of graduating 90 students in a single academic session in Yobe.

The state government disclosed the news in a statement on Monday, celebrating the college for producing a large number of midwives with 100% successful record.

It said the record is the first ever since the establishment of the college, noting that the development will boost qualified manpower required to run the primary healthcare centers in the state.

'This... record is the first since the establishment of the (c)ollege, producing a large number of (m)idwives with a 100% success record.

'The (c)ollege had under the Governor Mai Mala Buni administration enjoyed increased infrastructural development and facilities to qualify (sic) for full accreditation.

'The Buni administration also constructed more classrooms and hostels, road network, instructional materials (sic) and equipment for improved teaching and learning in the college.

'The successful graduation of the (m)idwives will boost qualified manpower required to run the (p)rimary (h)ealthcare (c)enters established by the Buni administration.

'The state government has completed construction of over 130 functional (p)rimary (h)ealthcare (c)enters proposed at the inception of the Buni administration for each of the 178 political wards in the state.

'Similarly, to make healthcare delivery accessible and affordable to the people, the Buni administration upgraded six comprehensive (h)ealth centers to (g)eneral (h)ospitals and four (g)eneral (h)ospitals to (s)pecialists hospitals,’ Mamman Mohammed, spokesman of the state governor who issued the statement said.

He noted that the administration will continue to train and retrain health workers under the continuous medical education programme, as well as employ many more to provide adequate manpower to health facilities in the state.

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