FG to reform defense ministry


BY SAIFULLAH MAHMUD, MAY 26, 2022 | 02:19 PM

The Federal Government of Nigeria is set to reform the entire ministry of defense, including its health and education component.

Dr. Ibrahim Abubakar Kana, permanent secretary of the ministry said in the upcoming weeks the ministry will unveil the reform in phases.

Mr. Kana disclosed this on Wednesday while speaking to a delegation from Walter Reed Army Institute of Research WRAIR United States of America in Ship House, Abuja.

The delegation was in Nigeria based on the partnership arrangement it has with the ministry on medical research aimed at improving health – related programs.

The permanent secretary told the delegation that reform of the ministry will further help the partnership.

He said this while reaffirming the commitment of the Nigerian government to partner with the American institute.

‘Dr Kana said that the Federal Government has approved the reform of the entire Ministry of Defense including Health and Education component, noting that in the coming weeks the Ministry will unveil the reform in phases.

‘He said that an alliance with the Institute of Research will be made robust while the existing collaborations would be strengthened to produce positive data that will translate to better results, adding that practicable policies will be made that will not only be short-termed but one that will outlive generations,’ a statement by Victoria Agba-Attah, spokesperson to the ministry on Wednesday said.

‘The Permanent Secretary appreciated the ongoing research in the United States Department of Defense (USDOD), noting that it is a huge opportunity for the Ministry to establish a research laboratory and a super speciality hospital. He therefore promised to upscale the equipment needed for the research for a sustainable health system in Nigeria.

‘Dr. Kana commended the US counterpart for their efforts towards improving and sustaining the programme adding that the Ministry will continue to provide the platform for a better and peaceful collaboration.

‘Earlier, the Director, Centre for Infectious Disease Control, Col. (Dr) Nelson Michael (Rtd) said that the US is looking at areas of collaboration with Nigeria in areas of research, urging the Federal Government to support the Partnership Programme,’ the statement added.

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