PDP candidate ready to slug it out with Sen. Shettima, says victory is from God


BY ABDULKADIR M. LAWAN, MAY 25, 2022 | 04:38 PM

Jibrin Mustapha Tatabe, People’s Democratic Party’s candidate for senatorship in Borno Central Constituency, has said that he is going to fight hard to ensure victory in the forthcoming general election.

He said that despite facing the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress, whose candidate is incumbent Senator Kashim Shettima, victory depends on God and if He wills it, it is going to be easy.

Tatabe said this in an interview with YERWA EXPRESS NEWS on Monday at the sidelines of PDP primary elections in Maiduguri.

At the election, Tatabe was declared winner after pulling 244 votes against Bukar Kachallah, his opponent who got only 44 votes.

On preparation ahead of the election, which is coming less than a year, Tatabe explained that he and his party are putting a strong strategic mechanism for campaigns, mobilization of supporters and resources to enable them win the election.

‘We are now done with the primaries, our next point of action is to prepare for the major election. We have lots of strategies and are going to strategies our plans and be well prepared to ensure victory in 2023,’ he said.

On his plans for the constituency, he said ‘we have many plans, especially for our teeming youths and women in Borno central. We are going to attract many developmental projects to our constituency through important and effective legislation.’

Commenting on the primary election also, Tatabe said the exercise was conducted peacefully, freely and fairly.

He commended his opponent for standing gallantly up to the very end of the election, inviting him to now bring victory to the party.

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