Kashim Shettima is the best man for the job by Usman Alkali


BY USMAN ALKALI, JUNE 16, 2022 | 11:12 AM

The rooting for Sen Kashim Shettima as the most desirable choice for Tinubu's running mate is slowly turning into a clamor, as the prime slot is dangling over the northeast of the country.

A northeast-based political group called KSM FRONTIERS, with membership from across the region, who are also in tune with the sacrifices and contributions of the dogged Senator Shettima to the governing APC made the clarion call on Monday evening in Maiduguri, the capital city of Borno state.

The group who are at the forefront of drumming support for the political aspirations of Sen Kashim Shettima, calls on other interest groups in the country to rally around Sen Kashim Shettima, in making sure that he secured the parties nomination as the running mate to the standard presidential flag bearer of the APC H.E Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The leader of the group Usman Alkali draws the attention of all those who may have an input in the selection processes to remember that it was Kashim Shettima who acted courageously in exposing the ineptitude and lukewarm attitude of the PDP government in handling the security situation that bedeviled the northeast region.

A gallant effort that provided the necessary political ammunition to the APC which resulted in terminating the 16yrs rule of the almighty PDP.

It was Kashim Shettima that aligned with other forces to fight tooth and nail in displacing political double dealers within, who stood as a stumbling block in the chance of the then opposition to secure victory in its several electoral attempts.

It was Kashim Shettima's bravery and selfless role in the 2014 Convention that paved the way for the coming into the limelight of the two most resourceful sons of the APC in the person of H.E Mai Mala Buni when he emerged as the National Secretary of the APC and H.E Prof Babagana Zulum who is now widely acknowledged as a darling of political leadership in the country.

Lest we forget that it was Kashim Shettima's political muscles that made him draw strength in aligning Borno with the central government for the first time since independence - APC top to bottom. The state has always been in opposition.

Borno, under Kashim Shettima, has helped accrued so much to the fortunes of the party, 1 governor, 3 senators, 10 Reps, and 28 Members of state assemblies. Very few states can boast of such uniformity.

Kashim Shettima is a detribalize, result-orie1nted, and easy-going party man. His loyalty, commitment, and faith in the presidential ambition of Ahmed Bola Tinubu are unquestionable.

Therefore, the best man to pair with our amiable candidate is Kashim Shettima, especially as the slot is narrowed down to the northeast, the group clarifies.

In the light of the foregoing, KSM FRONTIERS call on those whose decisions matter, to reward hard work and loyalty in giving their nod to this well-matched arrangement, irrespective of any sentiment that may mar the productive union.

"Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment" - Oprah Winfrey.

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