Dogara urges Christians to engage in transformative politics


BY JULIET F. BASHAWA, JULY 27, 2022 | 09:58 PM

Hon. Yakubu Dogara, the former speaker, House of Representatives, has urged Christians to engage in transformative politics for national development.

Dogara spoke at the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) 12th General Assembly and Leadership Transition programme, on Wednesday in Abuja.

The theme of the General Assembly is: “The role of the Church in times like this (Esther 4:14) “.

Dogara spoke on the topic: “Christian Women and Youth in Politics”.

According to him for any change to be achieved in a country, the right leaders need to be in place.

He said for the aforementioned to be achieved, women and the youths have a key role to play.

Dogara, who backed up his point with the parable of the talents in the Bible said, “everyone has a talent to better the society and country.”

“All of us are talented; talents are not to be hidden or silenced; they are to be used to impact and enhance development in a country.

” We will have to someday account for how we used the talents to repair and develop the earth,” he said.

He however highlighted issues of stereotyping and other traditional barriers as some of the hindrances to some women being active in politics.

Dogara also noted that to break these barriers, women were to note that they have right to seek for education and a better life.

For the youths, he said issues of unemployment and sponsorship were hindrances to active participation in politics which could be tackled.

“The youths can seek empowerment progrmmes, be self-reliance and participate in politics.”

He said Christians needed be fully informed, transformed by Christ to participate in politics to impact the society.

Dogara also declared that political permutations, which do not reflect religious balance in the country were against the unity and stability of the country.

The former speaker of the house of reps advised all Christians eligible to vote to ensure they had their PVCs.

Mrs Dayo Benjamin-Laniyi, the Assistant Pastor of the RCCG in a virtual presentation said “for the nation of our dreams to be achieved, women and the youths are to be fully involved.”

She said women and the youths needed to come out fearless and confident to participate in politics.

She added that two things were to be put into consideration “what the call is and what the change is”.

She said if these changes and calls were rightly gotten, then the change “we deserve will be achieved”.

She implored Christians, who intended to be involved in politics to employ the action of faith.

The assistant pastor advised the church to become a political structure to ensure they ruled and were in government to better the society.

Rev. Samson Ayokunle, the outgoing CAN President, thanked all participants at the symposium for the general assembly.

He thanked his executives for the mutual relationship established during his tenure.

He prayed God to heal and take over the affairs of the country, saying evil would not over take the country.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)reports that the 12th CAN General Assembly marks the end of the tenure of Rev. Samson Ayokunle and begins the tenure of President-elect, Rev. Daniel Okoh


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