Nigerian Army receives war equipment from AU



Nigerian Army has taken a delivery of a large consignment of operational equipment and logistics in the North East (Nigeria) from the African Union.

The supplies were received by Major General Abdul Kalifa, the commander of Multinational Joint Task Force, who handed them over to Sector 3 of the task force at 212 Parade Ground, Maimalari Cantonment on Tuesday.

'It is my pleasure to be here on this unique and auspicious occasion to hand over critical equipment donated by the AU to the Multinational Joint Task Force sector three Monguno, this event is indeed significant not only for the MJTF but to the entire armed forces of Nigeria,’ the military general said.

Maj. Gen. Khalifa said the equipment are highly needed for the conduct of ongoing and future operations of the military to improve and enhance the combat efficiency of the task force to tackle terrorism.

‘The donation of this much-needed equipment was a sequel to my visit to the AU logistics base in Duwala Cameroon last year where the equipment was identified, this was followed by a series of liaisons between the headquarters of Lake Chad Basin Commission, the MJTF, and the AU.’

The commander said the donation is a reflection of the AU’s appreciation of the effort of the MJTF in combating terrorism in the Lake Chad region.

He said the equipment was equally donated across the four MJTF sectors, as well as the headquarters, which will be distributed in a short period of time.

He expressed his appreciation to the chiefs of defence and army staff, for facilitating the movement of the equipment from Duwala to Maiduguri.

In his remarks, Major General Christopher Musa, the theatre commander of Operations Hadin Kai said the equipment will contribute to their successes in the ongoing Operations Desert Sanity and Lake Sanity.

Items donated include automatic grenade launcher, mine detector, portable exploder detector, fragmental jacket, helmets and tents that will accommodate 5, 000 troops.

Other items include troops carrying vehicles TCV, three armored personnel carriers, water tankers, 19 seater bus, 200 KVA and 25 KVA generators.

There were also ICT appliances which include computers, printers, CPUs, projectors, chairs, and other office accessories.

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