NGO supports 120 farmers in Borno LGA



On September 20, the USAID Northeast Connection through the direct implementation activity under Borno State portfolio, officially handed over modern farming tools to 120 vulnerable youths trained in modern agricultural techniques and irrigation farming.

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At the handing-over event, which was organized to mark the end of intensive training to boost the youths’ resilience against violent extremist infiltration through agricultural livelihood in Galdimare and Yawi communities of Biu Local Government Area, the NGO said the intervention line was deliberate.

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Mustapha Shettima, the state’s program manager, said the overall goal of the activity is to strengthen resilience of communities vulnerable to violent extremist infiltration and conflict, as well as to develop local capacity to respond to emerging threats.

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Shettima said this being done by targeting communities not yet under the control of violent extremist organizations (VEOs).

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He explained that one of the root causes violent extremism among youth is the lack of economic opportunities and livelihood, which he said the program is positioned to offer through interventions in partnership with local and international partners.

This, according to the program manager, are done across Biu, Jere, Hawul, Kwaya Kusar and Shani LGAs of Borno.

The training was aimed at exposing them to modern techniques in irrigation farming, which will in turn strengthen their resilience against violent extremists’ recruitment drive.

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The objectives of the training were thus to enhance the capacity of vulnerable youth on irrigation farming across target communities and to empower vulnerable youth with labor-saving equipment for irrigation farming to counter VEO recruitment drive.

After the distribution of the tools— which include a set of water pump machine and hosepipe, rain boot, cutlass, rake, and hoe—the beneficiaries were admonished to put them into good use.

They expressed their delight for the support and opportunity given to them to be more productive.

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Leaders and community stakeholders in the two wards promised to follow-up and make sure that the purpose of the intervention is fully achieved.

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