FG to increase train fares



The Federal Government of Nigeria has announced its plan to increase rail transport fare.

Mu’azu Sambo, minister of transportation who made the disclosure said this is in keeping with the realities of the economic situation in the country.

The service was shut down since terrorists launched an attack on a train in March, leading to the killing of passengers and abduction of over 60, the last batch of whom only got freed last month.

The minister was briefing journalists on Sunday over the state of affairs in the service, as well as the new measures taken to improve the service at the station in Kaduna, when he made the disclosures.

He told the journalists that the volume of passengers traveling via the service will continue to be low until confidence on security and efficiency is restored.

Thus, he said until such a time, trips per day will be reduced and night operations to remain shut. ‘The number of trips will be reduced. Naturally, you should expect that a certain number of passengers will not be comfortable boarding the train for obvious reasons.

‘He further stated that the number of trips per day would increase as the travelling population increased,’ the minister said.

‘We are human beings; we are bound to feel a little bit uncomfortable until we can see that every security measure has been put in place. So, we will reduce the number of trips and as the travelling population picks up, we will increase the number of trips but we will certainly not travel at night for now.

‘Please, expect an increase in fares. I am having final consultation with the management of the Nigerian Railway Corporation and the management of the ministry to see whether it will be immediate or we will take a little time.

‘We all know that prices of things have gone up, even airfares have gone up and we have not heard anybody cry about it. Why is it that it’s only when it is train fares that people are reactive? I can assure you that the poor masses will be taken care of and considered because we are a very sensitive government,’ he added.

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