Golden Olives: Before we bring down our biggest treasures by Imam Goni Umar Bishara




Since inception, Golden Olives Academy, continuously created very good enabling atmosphere for sound learning of both temporal and Islamic knowledge, where discipline and dedication to work hold sway in both pupils and teachers alike. This has always been the mantra and core values of the proprietress of the school.

Consequently, as expected and by Allah's will, there was never a time an untoward event was ever recorded in the school's history either in Maiduguri or Abuja. It's rather disheartening to receive an unsubstantiated accusation by a father of a pupil (that was admitted just 7 weeks ago after so much pressure from the father) that a female teacher in the school defiled her leading to the child passing blood in her urine.

I say unsubstantiated because, it's the ward's father that reported the incident, took her to the hospital without any neutral party for medical examination and brought the results all by himself! For natural justice, one cannot be the accuser, the police, the jury and the judge all at the same time.

In my humble assessment of the unfortunate event, I expected the father of the girl to have reported the case to the school authority, to have asked for an independent medical examination from a competent government approved hospital for adjudication before involving the police and NGOs. Alas! This wasn't the case, he did it all by himself.

Please be reminded that I am not saying that the school should be on the side or defence of the school teacher but should ensure that the right things were done so that no one is treated unjustly.

Though I am not a medical doctor or a health practitioner, given the testimony given by the child's mother that she had been suffering from an acute urinary tract infection of which she has been incontinent even in school since admission and complained to the school nanny of pain when passing urine, the mother confirmed that they have treated her for UTI both in hospital and locally to no avail. Long standing UTI could be the main reason for the pupil's urethral bleeding.

Therefore, I urge the school not to rest on its oars till it gets to the root of the matter. I hope and pray that the child's father isn't on an orchestrated hatchet job just to tarnish the image of the school and that of the husband of the school proprietress because I learned that he has been mentioning his name ever since this incident was reported. I am dumbfounded as to the nexus between this event and his name.

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