Stage, I am here to relieve your burden by Abdulhamid Al-Gazali



(Spoken word)

You are not for this stage For what else, will there be to be said After you

Even, you are not for stages Where empty words about nothingness About us, about the world are spoken

Nonetheless, you are honoured today Nay, you are relieved today Your burden is gone

What has it not been said here, upon you Of the nothingness that we, still, not know of You are meant for this, even

From bare earth, to what the modern man would call an edifice Engineering, architecture, handcraft You have put to waste The energy, the thoughts, the imaginations of many men

Now I see the decorations To a modern man, it is an artistic wonder An aesthetic pleasure

Splashing colours all over Red over black, white across ash A garden of lights spread over it

You carry so much burden All for men and women to come and blabber Others call it speeches

Such kind of things the faces I see here are gathered to listen to Money, time, a lot has been sacrificed I know your burden

I am here to relieve it Because I will be mentioning his name upon you Which is your only purpose in a world that doesn't want to know

He for whom 124,000 prophets He for whom 103 scriptures were sent beforehand To foretell his coming

Yeah, the earth had showed off To the planets, the stars and the entire celestial entity For the honor of hosting him

Your feeling today is the same with the celestial existence When he was invited by the Ultimate Maker to visit it The visit that saw veils upon veils thrown open

A journey to infinity It was only him who could have Or who else?

Only him Who gave – before he was asked Until the receivers were overwhelmed to no more

Only him Who forgave, before apologies were made Until adversaries were overwhelmed to no more

Only him Who guided, those who knew not their ignorance Until they were overwhelmed to no more

Hey, I am mentioning him To relieve you of your burden Of bearing the meaningless spoken upon you

Politics, men, things Things, men, politics You are not for this meaninglessness

Go, be proud You are for Nabiyina wa Maulana Muhammad Upon whom be peace

Flaunt it, dear stage You are no longer the same Your purpose has been attained

Give testimony That his ardent lover Abdulhamid Al-Gazali, who had nothing but love for him, did it

@Bobafest 2022

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