The two military operations that break the backbone of Boko Haram



There have been several operations to checkmate the Boko Haram crises over the last ten years; but if credit must be given to any particular one in view of the present successes achieved, it has to be the joint operations Lake Sanity and Desert Sanity.

The two operations, launched around Lake Chad and Sambisa Forest have ultimately broken the backbone of the 12 year terrorism.

The operations, involving the Multinational Joint Task Force, the Civilian JTF and anchored by Operation Hadin Kai, exerted maximum pressure on both factions of the terrorist group, JAS and ISWAP.

It built upon the successes of previous operations which in May of 2021 led to the death of Abubakar Shekau, the leader of the dreaded JAS faction.

His killing, which was a result of internal rifts, precipitated the already existing factional rivalry; and therefore, was followed by the killing of several other commanders from both sides.

Troops under the operations took advantage of the situation, which seemed to also be orchestrated by the military’s non-kinetic approach, to mount intense operations that today ultimately led to the defeat of the terrorists.

Sambisa Forest was largely dislodged, commanders killed and weaponries seized or destroyed. In the Lake Chad corridor, similar successes were registered.

These were also thanks to efforts of the Nigerian Air Force as well as the deployment of new military equipment.

The acquisition of more potent air assets including Super Tucanos and attack drones has assisted the ground troops to clear areas in the tumbuns (Lake Chad islands) such as Greda, Daban Gajere, Daban Masara, Tudun Fulani and Fedondiya, among others.

These areas have never been penetrated before.

Ultimately, these cause an unprecedented laying down of arms by the terrorists in massive numbers.

According to available records, over 79,000 of the terrorists and people associated to them have so far surrendered.

Ever since, large scale attacks, suicide bombings and ambushes typical of the group before the two operations, have seized.

Displaced persons have also been resettled, all as a result of relative peace achieved in the two operations.

While several other operations have helped to blunt their momentum, these two have so far broken the backbone of the group.

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