Guber election: Gov. Zulum in steady lead after 10 LGAs’ result



As results of the recently concluded governorship election continue to trickle in, Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum, incumbent governor of Borno appears to be coasting to victory.

According to available results, Governor Zulum has so far won in ten of the 27 local government areas in the state.

They are Mafa, Jere, Nganzai, Guzamala, Magumeri, Mobbar, Konduga, Kaga, Gubio and Dikwa, which were won with substantial margin.

The governor is battling it out with a first-timer, Mohammed Ali Jajari of People Democratic Party, PDP, who is lagging behind with a wide margin.

See full results from the seven LGAs:

  1. MAGUMERI LGA APC: 10,428 LP: 03 PDP: 151

  2. DIKWA LGA APC: 17,294 LP: 12 PDP: 765

  3. MAFA LGA APC: 2,3615 LP: 02 PDP: 83

  4. JERE LGA APC: 4,5247 LP: 79 PDP: 2,785

  5. KAGA LGA APC: 9,523 LP: 02 PDP: 1,091

  6. GUZAMALA LGA APC: 18341 LP: 02 PDP: 200

  7. MOBBAR LGA APC 8882 PDP 250 LP 31 APM 60

  8. KWAYA KUSAR LGA APC 11497 PDP 6090 LP 111

  9. GUBIO LGA APC 37260 PDP 485 LP 40

  10. KONDUGA LGA APC 21272 PDP 557 LP 29

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