Muslim groups donate food to victims of Monday Market inferno


BY YUNUSA BUNU, MARCH 13, 2023 | 10:51 AM

Muslim groups have jointly supported some victims of the February 26 fire outbreak in Maiduguri Monday Market with foodstuff.

The Association of Borno Muslim Umma, Federation of Muslim Women's Association of Nigeria, FOMWAN and Al-Ikhlas Waqf Trust jointly made the donations in the course of last week.

The loss occasioned by the inferno has destroyed goods worth billions, belonging to over 13, 000 shop owners and employing over 65, 000 people, according to conservative figures.

Our correspondent who witnessed the distribution of the food items said 100 were selected to receive 10kg of rice, 20kg of maize, 5kg of cowpea and 5kg of oil each.

Adama Muhammad, the Borno state coordinator of Al-Ikhlas Waqf Trust, said this while briefing journalists at the event.

'The support is jointly done by FOMWAN, Al-Ikhlas and Muslim Umma. We decided to share the little we have at home with the people who have lost everything.

'We carefully selected 100 most affected people who are completely really on their business for their daily bread,' Mrs Muhammad said.

The Borno State Government following the incident also donated N1 billion as relief fund to the victims. It is also building temporary shops for the business activities in the market to return before Ramadan.

Mrs. Mohammed also commended the state government for the quick intervention.

She said this while also calling on the general public to also bring their support directly to the victims or through the association, noting that the association is planning to come back for the second phase of their support to the victims.
'What you might consider little will go a long way, there are people who just gave N200,' Adama said.

The representatives of the other associations similarly commiserated with the victims and called on them to be patient as Allah tests his beloved servants with difficulties.

FOMWAN | Yerwa Express News What the beneficiaries said

Mohammadu Hassan, one of the beneficiaries said: 'Wallahi it is now three days we have nothing to eat, I am now eager to take this home.'

'This is what is expected of a good Muslim. We thank them and pray Allah rewards them abundantly,' Sulaiman Abubakar, another beneficiary said.

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