Special tribute to Amina Abba Yusuf by Ahmed Ibrahim Gazali



It is Amina Abba Yusuf’s birthday. In her own right, she is simply Maman Abuja, especially for Maiduguri residents of the FCT. It is a title she earned because of the motherly role she plays in everyone’s life.

I decided to write this special to yamina on her birthday because of her God-given, pure and sincere philanthropy to humanity. She is so excellent and exceptional at it that you may say this is her only divine purpose. She treats everyone equally, whether such a person is related to her or not. When you see her anytime, the first thing you will notice from her face is her ever present smile, which makes her accessible to everyone.

Regardless of who you are, she doesn’t wait for you to greet, she will quickly send her pleasantries and goodwill, with sincere enthusiasm.

Her kind is truly rare, and the big question is what could be the secret? Well, it happens that she comes from a large family, where one must at barest minimum learn human relations and play several roles at a very early age. Ya’amina is always shuttling between Abuja airport and M/guri either going to attend wedding ceremony or other social family engagements, thanks to the size of her family and friends. As for, airport is the regular place I always see her. Then I ask myself: won’t she just send the air fare money as her contribution and stay back rather stress herself always going back and forth? But because she is extremely good at being there for everyone around her, she would never contemplate not doing that, even when travel fares unnecessarily skyrocket. May Allah continue replenish her pocket.

Another of her many great characters which you easily notice from how her siblings are fond of her, is that she is extremely generous. She gives as if with reckless abandon, both in cash and kind. That is what being mother to many people entails.

Each time you are in her house, you'll find out cooking pot is always on fire, food being prepared for her multiple visitors. May Allah make those food you give endlessly, as your meal in jannatul firdaus. She is so self-assured and proud of her identity. Always in her native attire, fully covered as a typical Kanuri house wife.

She is married to one of the highly respected Borno princes, Distinguish Sen. Babakaka Garbai. A cool and level headed gentleman, extremely humble. May Allah bless your family with Rahama and Baraka, Amin. She is one of the strongest pillar of her family, many of her family members rely on her for guidance and mentorship. She was a mentor to all of her siblings. May Allah bless you, give excellent health, long life and assist you as you continue to do your very best to humanity.

Ahmed Ibrahim Gazali

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