Borno govt gives general update on security, palliatives, development



The Government of Borno State has said it has, so far, received over 100, 000 Boko Haram/ISWAP fighters, farmers, women and children in the state in a general update it issued to the public.

This was achieved under the government's disarmament, demobilization, deradicalisation, rehabilitation, reconciliation and reintegration programme to provide a 'root and branch' approach to ending the Boko Haram insurgency.

Prof. Usman Tar, the newly appointed commissioner of information and internal security, disclosed this in a statement Friday morning.

He said out of the over 100, 000, over 50% are women and children, about 42% are captive farmers and less than 8% are conscripted fighters and commanders.

Prof. Tar explained that, under the programme, the government has reintegrated 6,900 minors and low risk individuals to their communities in six batches.

He also gave update on the resettlement of internally displaced persons, distribution of palliatives, internal security and development in the state.

IDPs & refugees resettlement

While speaking on the resettlement of internally displaced persons, IDPs and refugees by the government, he said scores of them have been resettled.

'So far, IDPs/refugees have been successfully settled in their towns and villages in parts of northern and central Borno.

'Resettlement of IDPs to remote locations is being implemented in the longer term, subject to reconstruction of houses and improvement of security on the ground,' the commissioner said.

Distribution of palliatives

Prof. Tar also said the government has since last week started distribution of food items as palliatives to cushion the hardship people are going through following the removal of fuel subsidy months ago by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

According to him, the palliatives were distributed across the population in rural, peri-urban and urban settlements.

'With the additional support of N5 billion by the Federal Government, the government is ramping up additional distribution to alleviate the suffering of the citizens,' the commissioner said.


In its effort to reduce the criminal and gangsterism activities in the state, a few weeks ago, the state government had launched a hunt on 'Marlian thugs' a group of young people who are fuelling the activities of criminalism in the state, Prof. Tar explained.

In so doing, he explained that many people were arrested and the criminal activities in the state have subsided significantly.

'In Maiduguri, the "Marlian thugs" are being curtailed through concerted surveillance, apprehension and prosecution of suspects.

'A synergy between the theater command, law enforcement agencies, communities and civil volunteers (Civilian JTF) has decimated the threats of youth bulge, associated violence and criminality,' he explained.

Rural development and sustainable livelihood

'With the advancement of the rainy season, rural agriculture is thriving. Citizens are empowered to engage in sustainable livelihood in the agricultural value chain, cottage industry and small businesses.

'The aim is to restore communal pride, and self-sufficiency in rural livelihood,' the commissioner added.

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