BREAKING: Terrorists kill 18 in Borno, abduct soldiers, civilians


BY YUNUSA BUNU, AUGUST 13, 2023 | 05:18 PM

Boko Haram terrorists staged one of the deadliest ambushes in recent times and killed several persons.

Travelers and goods worth millions fell into the ambush along Bama – Banki Road, leaving many dead or abducted.

Details of the attack, which took place Wednesday and lasted for nearly 5 hours, only began to emerge over the weekend.

Sources confirmed to YERWA EXPRESS NEWS (YEN) that 18 civilians were killed while several women and children were abducted.

'After shooting directly at them or slaughtering them, they burnt a total of 18 people,' our sources confirmed.

They also burnt down six trucks transporting cements, food items and other goods.

Similarly, one Volkswagen vehicle and a military gun truck, were burnt down.

'On the side of the military, three soldiers were missing, with their weapons, including an anti-aircraft machine gun.'

YEN also learnt that many families are still searching for their relatives.

Our security analyst believes that given the location of the incident, the kidnapped victims were taken into the Sambisa Forest or around the Mandara Mountain.

'Even though the convoy usually moves with security escorts, there is likelihood that they are over powered as a result of delayed re-enforcement.

As seen in the video, the terrorist had time to even move around to slaughter and burn down their victims.

'These incident is not the only one recently recorded in Borno. Almost on daily basis, the terrorists now attack, kill or abduct farmers.

'Banki is an extension of Sambisa Forest somehow. The kidnapped victims are likely in Sambisa or at most, Manadara Mountains which is unlikely though, especially as a result of the risk involved conveying them down unnoticed.

'Despite the fact that over 100, 000 have so far surrendered to the Nigerian authorities, just as we feared in our previous reports, the breathing space given to them by the military might give them the opportunity to recruit, regroup and continue causing havoc.

'There is no doubt that the massive surrender and joint clearance operations carried out by the military have degraded them.

'However, unless the Nigerian military continues to pursue the remnants of the terrorists in their enclaves, a more sophisticated group of Boko Haram terrorists might come up to consume us. Now that the chief of defense staff, Gen. CG Musa is among the commanders who saw to the degrading of these terrorists, we hope he would ensure they are not given any breathing space to regroup and emerge stronger.'

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