UPDATED: Ex-Boko Haram kill divorced wife out of jealousy



A surrendered Boko Haram member killed his ex-wife and buried her over 'cheating', this paper has earlier reported.

Our reporter has now learned that the surrendered fighter invited Hafsat Musa, the deceased, for talks at a farm--owned by her--where he ended up killing her, including getting her buried.

Police paraded the suspect--named Musa Dauda--before newsmen in Maiduguri earlier today.

ASP Sani Kamilu Shatambaya, spokesman of Borno's police command, said information about the incident was received from Uwani Bello and Nura Mohammed, who found her lifeless and half-buried.

The farm was located inside Mohammed Goni Stadium around Dala in Maiduguri.

Our reporter learnt that out of when he visited the, he found the ex-wife with someone—a point which was earlier erroneously reported by this paper, now withdrawn, as the ex-wife planning to ‘break his heart’.

He was disappointed for seeing her with someone else—another part also earlier wrongly reported as the deceased ‘fixing another date at the farm with someone at exactly the time they had agreed to meet, to provoked him.’

Provoked, his reaction was an overdrive, which had her killed.

He threw a hoe which he found at the farm at her, which hit her in the head and left her death.

She slumped and gradually gave up. He attempted to bury the story by burying her, but he obviously could not get it properly done, thereby leaving behind a trace that led to his arrest.

This paper cannot tell immediately if killing her was already premeditated.

Police said its men have commenced diligent investigation into the matter, noting that the suspect will soon be arraigned in a court for prosecution.

This story and its heading have been updated. Our attention was drawn to editorial errors, which have since been edited and here republished, with apologies

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