Surrender or be killed, DHQ tells terrorists


BY NEWS DESK, FEBRUARY 08, 2024 | 08:32 PM

The Defence Headquarters, DHQ, has advised terrorists, bandits and kidnappers to surrender or be killed, warning that there is no third option.

The Director, Defence Media Operations, Maj.-Gen. Edward Buba, gave the warning on Thursday in Abuja at the bi-weekly news briefing on the operations of the armed forces.

Mr Buba said that several terrorists and their leaders were killed or badly injured owing to offensive actions by land and air forces in various theatres of operation across the country.

He said the troops had in the month of January, neutralised 266 terrorists, arrested 463, and rescued 116 kidnapped hostages.

The defence spokesman added that a total of 447 assorted weapons and 6,697 ammunition, comprising 237 AK47 rifles, 26 locally fabricated guns, 18 pump action guns, 55 Dane guns, and 6,807 rounds of 7.62mm special ammo, were recovered.

Other items recovered, according to him, are 421 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 16 rounds of 9mm and 506 live cartridges.

In the South-South, Buba said the troops, recovered 1,832,150 litres of stolen crude oil, 523,799 litres of illegally refined AGO, 16,716 litres of DPK and 5,200 litres of PMS among others.

According to him, the troops have denied the oil thieves of an estimated N2.8 billion.

“I urge all segments of society to take example from our gallant troops in the frontlines fighting to achieve the goal of liquidating terrorists and insurgents across the country in order to restore peace and security.

“These men and women are from all the nooks and cranny of our country and act shoulder to shoulder as a united force to achieve a common cause of destroying camps of violence in the country,” he said.


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