Tinubu breaks ground for 3,112 housing units in Abuja, says more underway



President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has performed a groundbreaking ceremony for the 3,112 housing-unit Renewed Hope City in Karsana, Abuja.

In a statement on Thursday, through Ajuri Ngelale, his spokesman, the president stated that the 3,112 housing units are part of 20,000 housing units the government plans to achieve under a public-private partnership in the Federal Capital Territory before the end of 2024.

He explained that the housing units will feature amenities such as well-connected roads, reliable electricity, healthcare facilities and educational institutions.

He directed the ministers of the FCT and works to ensure access roads for all Renewed Hope Cities.

He also emphasized that the goal is to enhance citizens' quality of life.

Highlighting the economic impact, the president described housing as an essential social infrastructure and predicted the creation of 500,000 jobs through the planned 20,000 housing units.

He expressed determination to bridge Nigeria's housing deficit through PPP, incentive schemes, and capital market initiatives.

'We are resolved to facing the housing challenge with the clarity of purpose and determination required to break all the barriers that stand in our way of success. That is why I took the historic decision to separate the Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development from Works, aligning it fully towards tackling the nation’s massive housing problem. That is also why I have appointed experienced professionals with proven track records of delivering in the housing sector to lead the Ministry,' the president said, reiterating his government's commitment to giving all necessary support for the ministries to achieve its mandate.

'I am happy to hear that the Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has already awarded contracts for the construction of 200 housing units in twelve (12) states (2 per geo-political zone) as Renewed Hope Estates. In this regard, the Minister is to proceed with the groundbreaking ceremonies in the twelve (12) locations, and the estates must be completed before the end of 2024.

'I am also delighted to hear that the Renewed Hope Cities are being developed in three locations: Kano with 1,500 housing units; Lagos with 2,500 housing units, and Abuja with 3,112 under a variety of funding arrangements. The Ministry’s plan to kickstart a National Urban and Slum Upgrading Programme covering 26 sites nationwide is also commendable,' he added.

Looking ahead, the president also announced plans to break ground for another 2,500 housing units project in Ibeju–Lekki coastal city, Lagos.

He explained that the project will demonstrate cross-subsidization, with 400 units sold at concessional rates to low and medium-income Nigerians affiliated with labor unions.

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