Dangote not above parliament, says Reps panel


BY NEWS DESK, JULY 10, 2024 | 12:26 PM

The House of Representatives Committee investigating the arbitrary increase in cement prices has stated that Alhaji Aliko Dangote is not above the parliament.

The joint Committees on Commerce, Industry, Special Duties, and Solid Minerals had summoned the management of Dangote Cement for questioning over alleged arbitrary increase in the prices of cement in Nigeria.

The committee, therefore, threatened to arrest the management of Dangote Cement if it failed to appear at its next hearing.

This followed the absence of officials of the cement company during an investigative hearing to address the problem of cement increase in the country.

The special panel, led by Rep. Jonathan Gaza while advocating for the downward review of cement prices, expressed worry over the increase in cement prices.

According to the committee, “no single individual is bigger than the parliament of his country. No single Nigerian is bigger than the National Assembly.”

He committee bemoaned the untold hardships it has brought upon many Nigerians.

The committee directed the Cement Manufacturers Association of Nigeria and the Central Bank of Nigeria to cause appearances before the committee in the next two weeks.

This, the committee said, it was to deliberate on measures necessary to address the situation for the benefits of the people.

“They want to over profit without any sense of empathy for the citizens that have given it this platform. I think it calls for a rethink of the position of the government.

“On Dangote my ruling is simple. The laws have given us the necessary powers but we owe you a duty of care. We are going to give you one more chance. We are going to communicate a date.

“Failure to comply with that date, a subpoena will be issued, a warrant of arrest will be given for you to cause appearance before the National Assembly.

“No single individual is bigger than the parliament of his country. No single Nigerian is bigger than the National Assembly.”


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