An event had happened, upon which it is difficult to speak, and impossible to be silent. -- Edmund Burke

There is a distinct line between truth and falsehood, which is visible—regardless of proximity or time—to even the blindest of mankind. It is, to say the least, soul exhausting, or, perhaps, to say the obvious, mysterious that many a two eyed folks rarely catch the sight of this distinct line; a crystal portrayal of their handicapped mentality and paralysed psychology.

At times, events occur where hiding them beneath your heart births an internal explosion of thoughts and its exposés amounts to an even greater storm; a scenario in where concealing becomes hell and revelation, a nightmare.

Thoughts ruminate and reminiscences swing in the heart much to one’s utter anguish. Suddenly a labyrinth of thought designs itself and strikes the brain. One bends ‘phototropically’ in an effort to find solace in silence. Silence turns out to be exactly the contrary. One retreats and seek shelter in speaking and, lo and behold, it is all doom. Doom not only for its frustrating and tear deserving façade, but for its extreme mind-aching nature which, on its own is enough to burst one’s heart, disintegrate one’s bones and straightforwardly settle one in the netherworld.

Truth is, many young people in our contemporary society are being deprived of, and stopped from some things they engage in, either because of the limited knowledge on that issue or the not-now factor that has find its way to the minds of the elders. The conservative elders always believe in doing things the way they were done in antiquity failing to fathom the simple fact that, in this contemporary world of ours, things have holistically metamorphosed; and if the music changes and the dance doesn’t, wouldn’t it seem awkward? –or even mad?

Some crucial issues do not need to be culturally and ideologically accepted before they are considered salient; they just need to be carefully approached and logically understood.

It seems to me that our elders know not that some of their actions have an adverse effect on the youths. Certain topical issues which they think is a deviation from their moral idiosyncrasies are given not even a look, let alone a thought. They blast and reject out-rightly anything of such, believing that they have put one on the right track.

Unbeknownst to them, they went looking for cassava but found fat instead. When you believe in a child and you suddenly find him doing certain strange things that you never imagined he could do, don’t scream and yell at him. Neither should you tear him apart nor ruthlessly criticize him. It’s, sometimes, an issue of understanding. Humans don’t, in anyway have control over themselves.

God, The Controller of all affairs, does. And indeed many, if not all humans have their motive for doing things. Ergo, when you ask, then you have the knife and the flesh to decide the judgement. By blatantly destroying one’s act before questioning only amounts to dismantling one’s dream that will pour flowers to one’s life and that of others.

You have unknowingly left a bitter scar on a youngster’s heart which, had you approach it more liberally, would have unpuzzled everything for the better. Elders, needless to say, remain forever our elders and as such deserve our ultimate respect. One is left with zero options to explore more than moving on and praying to God to pull them out of their ancient mindset. For, if this trend continues unabated, youngsters and youths alike will be robbed of the breeding space for their talents, dreams and aspirations. That is the very reason why the need for cultural, ideological, and ethical revolution is crucial to suite the modern world. This revolution should be targeted at stripping us off the ‘outdated’ mindset and embracing the upgraded version suitable of the 21st century.

Only thus, can we move on as a civilized society. And if we, mistakenly or out of austere adherence to tradition, refuse to adjust, some of the dreams of the younger generation will be pulverized by the elders like ashes and, up in the thin air it will vanish.

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