Meet Nafisa Abdullahi, a first class graduate of University of Maiduguri.


YEN: Who is Nafisa Abdullahi?

NAFISA: My name is Nafisa Abdullahi. I was born and raised here in Maiduguri, Borno State. I had my nursery and primary education at Command Children's Nursery and Primary School and Federal Government College Maiduguri [FGCM], respectively. I did my secondary education at Maiduguri Capital School where I obtained senior secondary certification in 2010. I got admission into the University of Maiduguri to study Accounting following my secondary school graduation. By God’s grace, I am now a graduate with a first class degree.

YEN: How do you feel about your first class degree?

NAFISA: I feel very happy and fulfilled. I have put in a lot and I am grateful that I have made it. However, you know people, that one is a first class, they feel one knows everything. Though I am very happy about it, I am an ordinary student just like anyone else.

YEN: The period between 2011 and 2016 within which you had your studies was the period of intense terror attacks across the state, how did you make it to first class?

NAFISA: You are right, it was a very difficult period. Many people fled. Some of us who did not were also contemplating if we should flee. But we had so much trust in God. Myself and my family entrusted everything to God and He has thankfully protected us throughout the period. Many were not this lucky. I can remember few of my classmates had to transfer to other universities at point. I can recall an instance when in an examination hall, a bomb exploded somewhere. The shattering sound of the bomb left me shocked throughout the examination. My pen instantly fell down and everything I wanted to put down on my booklet ‘evaporated’. Watching people die every day was heart-rending and this would obviously have effect on one’s composure and general performance especially when some of them are your relatives or friends.

There are many instances where I can’t attend lectures because of fear or a total lockdown of the city. I can’t remember the number of times I would return home on my way to the school because of terror attacks, bomb explosions and crossfire operations. However, with determination and prayers, I have weathered the storm.

YEN: What is your career ambition in the future?

NAFISA: Firstly, as with most women, my ambition is to be a good housewife. I also have the ambition to join politics one day. I want these two because I want to be a role model to other especially my children. I want to also pursue my profession to the utmost.

YEN: What is your advice do you have for our readers?

NAFISA: Students should first be focused on their studies, read hard and pray a lot. All these are interconnected and complement each other. Nothing is automatic. You have to work for what you want. You will pray, but you cannot stop at it. You have to work hard as well. Along the way, many challenges will unfold. They should not demoralize you, stand your grounds and endure until they are overcome. Nothing good comes easy.

YEN: You will be the first person to be featured on our #Inspire the Youth Interview, how do you feel?

NAFISA: Wow, I must say I am thankful. I feel honored to have been recognized and be the first person to be featured on the platform. I pray that the media outlet grows and succeeds in all its activities.

YEN: Thank you very much, we are indeed very grateful.

NAFISA: You are welcome.

Salamatu Muhammed

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