Use of I.D cards alone to access Unimaid is not enough


Regarding the recent bomb blast, I am advising the relevant authorities of the University of Maiduguri to ensure undefiled security checkpoints during entry and exits of its premises, because the use of I.D cards alone as a means of entry to the university is ineffective. Both students and staff of the university were not being searched before getting into the university, this will give a door for some insurgents, who may use fake I.D cards to access the university carrying harmful materials. Even as for the last few weeks, newly admitted students were accessing the university merely with admission letters, without thorough searching. Moreover, the stochastic entry of 'yaro boys' should be suspended, because by mere seeing, one may not identify the innocent from the guilty, and the students can survive even without the yaro boys, in fact, unimaid is hosting countless of yaro boys which are in all the ways not useful to the progress of the school. Nevertheless, all personnel, regardless of status, should be searched effectively and identified to be heading for a purposed issue in the school before being granted permit to enter the university. With these adhered, the university will regain peace and save thousand of useful lives coming to acquire academic excellence. Muhammad M. Ari is a student of University of Maiduguri.

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